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“Heart To Heart” Hong Kong Art Exhibition
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, Sino Group joins hands with Leisure and Cultural Services Department to organise “Art@Harbour” presenting “Heart to Heart Hong Kong Art Exhibition”. The 6,700-square-metre multi-media wall comprising 134,000 technicoloured LED lights – one of the biggest of its kind on the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront, will feature an array of extraordinary multi-media creations designed by internationally acclaimed Hong Kong-born artist, Simon Ma with the theme of “Love”. What’s more, a series of celebrating events will be held at various Sino properties to connect the citizens. Stay tuned!
Simon Ma, Internationally Acclaimed Hong Kong-born Artist
Simon Ma was born in Hong Kong and began learning the art of Chinese ink painting and calligraphy under Master Fan Tzu Teng as child. Graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture of the University College London, Ma has carved out a reputation in China and internationally for his own unique style by combining Chinese and Western cultures through exploring various materials to express the concept of “Harmony”. His works cover a wide variety, including oil paintings, ink paintings, sculptures, installations, videos among others. A number of his amazing contemporary masterpieces have been exhibited in museums in both China and abroad such as MOCA Shanghai, Museo di arte contemporanea di Roma, and Venice Biennale.

Ma’s “Heart to Heart” themed digital art display, showcasing the fusion of conventional art form with contemporary mediums, vividly depicts the immense connection between China and Hong Kong. It shares the comparable pride of Hong Kong’s reunion with China 25 years ago. The design also symbolizes “Love”, and to work heart to heart, hand in hand for a better future. Presented on the giant LED wall of buildings along the Victoria Harbour, the art piece gives hope and strength to millions of people here.

Event date: 22 June - 9 October, 2022
Venue: The facades of Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Empire Centre, and China Hong Kong City

The facades of Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre
The facades of China Hong Kong City